Choosing Lock Repair Over New Installation

Whether for your home or office, different situations arise in which you have to decide to have a lock repaired or a new one installed. Sometimes, the decision is obvious, but if you are unsure of the direction to take, you can request an assessment by a licensed locksmith. With an assessment, the locksmith will review each lock of concern and then help you make the right decision.

Scenarios for Repair versus New Installation

Following are some scenarios in which lock repair makes more sense than having a new lock installed.

• Damaged Part – If the only problem is a faulty component of the lock, a licensed locksmith should have no problem switching out the bad part instead of installing an entirely new lock.

• Built-up Dirt and Grime – Over time, door and window locks become dirty and grimy. Sometimes, it appears the only solution is to have new locks installed. In reality, a qualified locksmith has the ability to make appropriate repairs that return the locks to excellent working order.

• Poor Operation – If the locks are not working properly, the locksmith may be able to make relatively easy repairs as opposed to installing all new locks.

Modern Day Locksmiths

Qualifications of today’s locksmith are very different from what you would have seen years ago thanks to education, training, and on-the-job experience. Because of this, making repairs makes as much sense, if not more, than new lock installation in many circumstances.

As an example, a locksmith now undergoes more extensive and better training. As a result, this professional has the ability to salvage locks. Of course, this same training means that the locksmith is much better qualified when it comes to new lock installation.

In addition, locksmiths now use equipment that is more advanced. The combination of in-depth knowledge that comes from better training with high-tech tools and equipment equates to more versatility when dealing with door and window locks. Because of this, a locksmith may be able to find an acceptable solution in the form of a repair.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing to have locks repaired instead of new locks installed is often a cost-efficient and time-saving decision. However, you may be surprised at just how affordable locksmithing services are and how quickly a licensed locksmith works. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with having locks repaired, but you have the opportunity to have new locks installed if you prefer for an affordable price and in a quick manner.

The most important thing for lock repair and installation is to hire someone with the right qualifications. Regardless if this involves high-security locks, biometric locks, keyless entry systems, master locking mechanisms, pin and tumbler locks, or something else, you need to rely on the services of a professional with outstanding skills. That way, whether you have locks repaired or new locks installed, you enjoy enhanced protection.